Why Does He Only Like Me When He’s Drunk

Why Does He Only Like Me When He’s Drunk?

It is not uncommon for some individuals to exhibit different behaviors when under the influence of alcohol. One puzzling phenomenon that many people experience is when someone only shows interest or affection towards them when they are intoxicated. This particular scenario can be confusing and hurtful, leaving many wondering why this happens. Here are some possible explanations for why someone may only express interest when they are drunk:

1. Lowered inhibitions: Alcohol can lower inhibitions, making individuals more likely to act on their desires or attraction towards someone.

2. Increased confidence: For some, alcohol can boost confidence levels, making it easier for them to approach or show interest in others.

3. Fear of rejection: The fear of rejection can be overwhelming for some individuals, and alcohol may offer a temporary escape from this fear, allowing them to express their feelings more freely.

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4. Seeking validation: Some people may rely on external sources, such as alcohol, to validate their feelings or emotions towards someone.

5. Lack of emotional intimacy: If someone only shows interest when they are drunk, it could indicate a difficulty in forming emotional connections or being vulnerable.

6. Escapism: Alcohol can provide an escape from reality, allowing individuals to temporarily forget their problems or insecurities. They may seek comfort or companionship during these moments.

7. Difficulty expressing emotions: Some individuals struggle with expressing their emotions openly. Alcohol can lower their inhibitions and make it easier for them to communicate their feelings.

8. Fear of commitment: Being under the influence of alcohol can provide a feeling of detachment or lack of responsibility, making it easier for someone to show interest without the fear of commitment or consequences.

9. Unresolved internal issues: Individuals who only show interest when drunk may be dealing with unresolved internal issues that prevent them from forming meaningful connections.

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10. Social pressure: Peer pressure or the desire to fit in with friends who are drinking may lead someone to act differently when intoxicated.

11. Lack of genuine feelings: Unfortunately, it is possible that the person’s interest is not genuine, and they are merely using alcohol as an excuse to express temporary affection.

12. Emotional dependence on alcohol: Some individuals may rely on alcohol to regulate their emotions or cope with social situations. This reliance can lead to distorted feelings and behaviors.


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