Who Owns Corralejo Tequila

Who Owns Corralejo Tequila?

Corralejo Tequila is a popular brand of tequila that is enjoyed by people all over the world. But who exactly owns this renowned tequila company? Let’s delve into the history and ownership of Corralejo Tequila.

Corralejo Tequila was founded in 1775 in the town of Penjamo, Guanajuato, Mexico. The brand takes its name from the town of Corralejo, which is located near the distillery where the tequila is produced. The distillery, known as Hacienda Corralejo, is still in operation today and is considered one of the oldest in Mexico.

The ownership of Corralejo Tequila has changed over the years. In 1994, the brand was acquired by the Beckmann family, who are also the owners of the renowned tequila brand Jose Cuervo. The Beckmann family has a long history in the tequila industry and has successfully managed both Corralejo and Jose Cuervo.

Today, Corralejo Tequila is part of Proximo Spirits, a premium spirits company based in New Jersey, USA. Proximo Spirits is known for its portfolio of high-quality spirits, including Jose Cuervo, 1800 Tequila, and Three Olives Vodka. The acquisition of Corralejo Tequila by Proximo Spirits has helped to expand the brand’s reach and distribution globally.

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Corralejo Tequila is known for its authentic production methods and commitment to quality. The tequila is made from 100% blue agave, which is grown in the rich volcanic soil of the Jalisco Highlands in Mexico. The agave plants are carefully selected, harvested, and then cooked in traditional brick ovens to extract the sweet juices. The extracted juices are then fermented, distilled, and aged in oak barrels to develop the distinct flavors of Corralejo Tequila.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Corralejo Tequila:

1. Is Corralejo Tequila made from 100% blue agave?
Yes, Corralejo Tequila is made from 100% blue agave.

2. Where is Corralejo Tequila produced?
Corralejo Tequila is produced in the town of Penjamo, Guanajuato, Mexico.

3. When was Corralejo Tequila founded?
Corralejo Tequila was founded in 1775.

4. Who owns Corralejo Tequila?
Corralejo Tequila is owned by the Beckmann family and is part of Proximo Spirits.

5. What other tequila brands are owned by the Beckmann family?
The Beckmann family also owns Jose Cuervo.

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6. What is the production process of Corralejo Tequila?
The production process includes harvesting, cooking, fermenting, distilling, and aging in oak barrels.

7. Is Corralejo Tequila available worldwide?
Yes, Corralejo Tequila is distributed globally.

8. What are the different types of Corralejo Tequila?
Corralejo Tequila offers Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo varieties.

9. How long is Corralejo Añejo aged for?
Corralejo Añejo is aged for a minimum of 12 months.

10. Can Corralejo Tequila be used in cocktails?
Yes, Corralejo Tequila is a versatile spirit that can be used in a variety of cocktails.

11. Does Corralejo Tequila offer tours of its distillery?
Yes, visitors can take tours of the Hacienda Corralejo distillery.

12. Is Corralejo Tequila considered a premium tequila?
Yes, Corralejo Tequila is known for its high-quality and premium status in the tequila industry.