Who Owns Cincoro Tequila

Who Owns Cincoro Tequila?

Cincoro Tequila is a premium tequila brand that has gained significant popularity since its launch in 2019. The brand was founded by five NBA team owners, namely Michael Jordan (Charlotte Hornets), Jeanie Buss (Los Angeles Lakers), Wes Edens (Milwaukee Bucks), Wyc Grousbeck (Boston Celtics), and Emilia Fazzalari (Houston Rockets). This unique partnership between influential sports figures has brought a new level of distinction to the tequila industry.

The idea for Cincoro Tequila was born during a friendly dinner between the five owners. They shared a passion for tequila and recognized the opportunity to create a luxury brand that would stand out in the market. With their combined knowledge and resources, they set out to create a tequila that would be both exceptional in taste and presentation.

To achieve their vision, the founders enlisted the help of master distiller Arturo Fuentes, who has over three decades of experience in tequila production. Fuentes carefully selected the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave from both the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico, to create the distinct flavor profiles of Cincoro Tequila.

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Cincoro Tequila offers four expressions: Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo. Each expression undergoes a unique aging process that contributes to its distinct taste profile. The Blanco is unaged, allowing the natural flavors of the agave to shine through. The Reposado is aged for eight to ten months in American oak barrels, while the Añejo is aged for 24 to 28 months, and the Extra Añejo is aged for 40 to 44 months, both in French oak barrels.

As for the packaging, Cincoro Tequila bottles are sleek and modern, reflecting the brand’s commitment to elegance and craftsmanship. The distinctive five-sided design represents the five founders, while the glass is hand-blown and the labels are individually applied.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is Cincoro Tequila only available in the United States?
No, Cincoro Tequila is available internationally.

2. Where is Cincoro Tequila produced?
Cincoro Tequila is produced in Jalisco, Mexico.

3. Are the NBA team owners actively involved in the production of Cincoro Tequila?
Yes, the NBA team owners are actively involved in the brand’s development and decision-making.

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4. Can I visit the Cincoro Tequila distillery?
Unfortunately, the Cincoro Tequila distillery is not open to the public.

5. Is Cincoro Tequila made from 100% agave?
Yes, all Cincoro Tequila expressions are made from 100% Weber Blue Agave.

6. Is Cincoro Tequila gluten-free?
Yes, Cincoro Tequila is gluten-free.

7. Are there any artificial additives in Cincoro Tequila?
No, Cincoro Tequila is made with natural ingredients and does not contain any artificial additives.

8. Can I purchase Cincoro Tequila online?
Yes, Cincoro Tequila is available for purchase online through the brand’s official website and various retailers.

9. What is the suggested retail price for Cincoro Tequila?
The suggested retail price for Cincoro Tequila ranges from $70 to $1,600, depending on the expression and bottle size.

10. Does Cincoro Tequila offer gift sets or limited editions?
Yes, Cincoro Tequila occasionally releases special gift sets and limited editions.

11. Are there any cocktail recipes using Cincoro Tequila?
Yes, the Cincoro Tequila website offers a variety of cocktail recipes featuring their different expressions.

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12. Does Cincoro Tequila support any charitable initiatives?
Yes, Cincoro Tequila is committed to supporting charitable initiatives and community development efforts.