Who Created Howler Head Whiskey

Who Created Howler Head Whiskey?

Howler Head Whiskey, a popular brand known for its unique banana-infused bourbon, was created by a team of whiskey enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. The mastermind behind this innovative whiskey is Jordan Via, a seasoned distiller with a passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional whiskey flavors.

Jordan Via, along with his partner, Chuck Norris, founded the Howler Head Distillery in Asheville, North Carolina. Their goal was to create a whiskey that would capture the essence of the American South and offer a refreshing twist on the classic bourbon taste. After extensive research and experimentation, they came up with the idea of infusing their bourbon with ripe, tropical bananas.

Via and Norris recognized the potential of combining the smoothness of bourbon with the natural sweetness and creaminess of bananas. They believed that this unique blend would appeal to whiskey connoisseurs and those looking for a new and exciting flavor profile. Thus, Howler Head Whiskey was born.

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To create their banana-infused bourbon, the team at Howler Head Distillery sources high-quality, aged bourbon from Kentucky. They then carefully infuse it with real bananas, allowing the flavors to meld together over time. The result is a smooth and slightly sweet whiskey with distinct notes of ripe banana.

Since its introduction to the market, Howler Head Whiskey has gained a loyal following and received several accolades for its innovative approach. Whiskey enthusiasts appreciate its unique flavor profile, which pairs well with various cocktails or can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

FAQs about Howler Head Whiskey:

1. How did the idea of banana-infused whiskey come about?
– The founders wanted to create a unique flavor profile that combined the smoothness of bourbon with the sweetness of bananas.

2. Where is Howler Head Whiskey produced?
– Howler Head Whiskey is produced at the Howler Head Distillery in Asheville, North Carolina.

3. Are real bananas used in the production process?
– Yes, real bananas are used to infuse the bourbon with their distinct flavor.

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4. Can Howler Head Whiskey be enjoyed neat?
– Yes, Howler Head Whiskey can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails.

5. What type of bourbon is used in the production of Howler Head Whiskey?
– Howler Head Whiskey uses high-quality, aged bourbon sourced from Kentucky.

6. Is Howler Head Whiskey gluten-free?
– Yes, Howler Head Whiskey is gluten-free.

7. Can Howler Head Whiskey be paired with food?
– Yes, Howler Head Whiskey pairs well with a variety of foods, including grilled meats, cheeses, and desserts.

8. Is Howler Head Whiskey available internationally?
– Yes, Howler Head Whiskey is distributed in several countries worldwide.

9. Does Howler Head Whiskey have any additional flavors or variants?
– Currently, Howler Head Whiskey only offers the banana-infused bourbon variant.

10. Can I visit the Howler Head Distillery for a tour?
– Yes, the Howler Head Distillery offers tours and tastings by appointment.

11. What awards has Howler Head Whiskey received?
– Howler Head Whiskey has received several awards, including the Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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12. Can I purchase Howler Head Whiskey online?
– Yes, Howler Head Whiskey is available for purchase online through various retailers and the official Howler Head website.