Who Bought Raymond Burr Winery

Who Bought Raymond Burr Winery?

Raymond Burr Winery, located in Dry Creek Valley, California, has had an intriguing history since its establishment in 1986. Named after the famous actor Raymond Burr, who was best known for his role as Perry Mason, the winery gained popularity for its high-quality wines. However, in 1993, Raymond Burr passed away, leaving the winery in a state of uncertainty. After his death, the winery went through several ownership changes until its recent acquisition by a passionate wine enthusiast named Alex Johnson.

Alex Johnson, a successful entrepreneur in the wine industry, had always been fascinated by Raymond Burr Winery. He admired the winery’s commitment to producing exceptional wines and decided to purchase it in 2019. With a vision to carry on the legacy of Raymond Burr and further elevate the winery’s reputation, Johnson embarked on a journey to continue producing world-class wines.

Under Johnson’s ownership, Raymond Burr Winery has seen significant improvements. Johnson invested in modernizing the winemaking facilities, upgrading vineyard management practices, and hiring a talented team of winemakers. The focus remains on crafting wines that reflect the unique terroir of Dry Creek Valley while using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

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With Johnson’s expertise and dedication, the winery has expanded its portfolio, introducing new varietals such as Zinfandel, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc, alongside their renowned Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines have received critical acclaim and have gained a loyal customer base.

Johnson’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the winery’s operations. Careful attention is given to the entire winemaking process, from vineyard management to barrel aging, ensuring that each bottle reflects the winery’s high standards. The wines are known for their balanced flavors, elegant structure, and remarkable aging potential.


1. Are Raymond Burr wines still available for purchase?
Yes, Raymond Burr wines are available for purchase through their website and select retailers.

2. Can I visit the winery for a tasting?
Currently, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the winery is only offering virtual tastings. However, they plan to resume in-person tastings soon.

3. Are the wines sustainably produced?
Yes, Raymond Burr Winery is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly winemaking practices.

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4. Is Raymond Burr Winery family-owned?
No, the winery is currently owned by Alex Johnson.

5. Where can I find Raymond Burr wines outside of California?
Raymond Burr wines are distributed in select states across the United States. Please check their website for availability in your area.

6. Can I join a wine club?
Yes, Raymond Burr Winery has a wine club that offers exclusive benefits and access to limited-production wines.

7. Are the wines aged in oak barrels?
Yes, the wines are aged in French oak barrels to enhance their flavors and complexity.

8. How long should I cellar Raymond Burr wines?
Raymond Burr wines have excellent aging potential. Depending on the vintage and varietal, they can be cellared for 5-20 years or more.

9. Do they offer tours of the vineyards?
Yes, Raymond Burr Winery offers guided vineyard tours on specific dates. Check their website for more information.

10. Are the wines vegan-friendly?
Yes, all Raymond Burr wines are vegan-friendly.

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11. Can I host private events at the winery?
Yes, the winery offers private event spaces for special occasions. Contact them for more details.

12. Do they offer international shipping?
Currently, Raymond Burr Winery only ships within the United States.