What to Chase Tequila With

What to Chase Tequila With: A Guide to Perfect Pairings

Tequila is a popular spirit known for its distinct flavor and versatility. Whether you prefer it straight, on the rocks, or mixed into a cocktail, finding the perfect chase or accompaniment can enhance your tequila drinking experience. In this article, we will explore some excellent options to chase tequila with, allowing you to savor every sip.

1. Sangrita: A traditional Mexican accompaniment, sangrita is a sweet and spicy tomato-based drink that perfectly complements tequila. Its tangy flavor profile balances the tequila’s bite.

2. Citrus fruits: A classic choice, lime, lemon, or orange wedges are frequently used to neutralize the strong taste of tequila. Squeeze some citrus juice into your tequila or take a bite after each sip.

3. Tomato juice: Similar to sangrita, tomato juice can mellow the tequila’s intensity. Add some lime, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce for a Tequila Bloody Mary.

4. Ginger beer: The spicy kick of ginger beer can create a refreshing contrast to tequila’s vibrant flavor. Mix tequila with ginger beer and lime for a Tequila Mule.

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5. Pineapple juice: The tropical sweetness of pineapple juice can complement the natural sweetness of tequila. Combine the two for a Tequila Sunrise or a Pineapple Margarita.

6. Mint: Muddled mint leaves can add a refreshing twist to tequila, making it an ideal choice for a Tequila Mojito.

7. Coffee liqueur: For a unique flavor combination, consider chasing your tequila with coffee liqueur. The rich coffee taste complements the tequila’s earthy notes.

8. Club soda: If you prefer a lighter and less sweet option, chase your tequila with club soda. Add a splash of lime for extra zest.

9. Agua fresca: These refreshing fruit-infused waters are popular in Mexico. Choose flavors like watermelon, cucumber, or hibiscus to pair with your tequila.

10. Beer: Whether it’s a light lager, a crisp pilsner, or a hoppy IPA, beer can be a great companion to tequila. Take a sip of beer after your tequila shot for a unique experience.

11. Salt and cinnamon: For a twist on the classic salt and tequila combination, try dipping your lime wedge in cinnamon sugar before taking a shot. The sweet and savory flavors will elevate your tequila experience.

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12. Chocolate: Dark chocolate or chocolate liqueur can provide a rich and decadent pairing with tequila. The bitter notes of the chocolate complement the tequila’s bold flavor profile.


1. Can I chase tequila with soda?
Yes, club soda or tonic water can be used to chase tequila.

2. Can I chase tequila with milk?
While milk is not a typical choice, some people enjoy the combination of tequila and milk-based drinks like horchata.

3. What is the best chase for tequila when taking shots?
Lime wedges sprinkled with salt are a classic choice when taking tequila shots.

4. Can I chase tequila with wine?
While it’s not a common combination, a light white wine like Sauvignon Blanc can be paired with tequila.

5. Can I chase tequila with pickle juice?
Yes, pickle juice can be a unique and tangy option to chase tequila with.

6. What is the best chase for a margarita?
Lime juice or a salt rim are typically used to enhance the flavors of a margarita.

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7. Can I chase tequila with soda water?
Yes, soda water is a great option to chase tequila due to its neutral flavor.

8. Can I chase tequila with grapefruit juice?
Absolutely! Grapefruit juice provides a tangy and citrusy twist to tequila.

9. Can I chase tequila with apple juice?
Yes, the sweetness of apple juice can complement the tequila’s flavor.

10. Can I chase tequila with energy drinks?
While it is possible, it is not recommended to mix tequila with energy drinks due to the potential for increased intoxication.

11. Can I chase tequila with coconut water?
Yes, coconut water can provide a refreshing and tropical twist to tequila.

12. Can I chase tequila with hot sauce?
If you enjoy spicy flavors, a few drops of hot sauce can add an interesting kick to your tequila chase.

In conclusion, finding the perfect chase for tequila is a matter of personal preference. Experiment with these suggestions to discover your favorite combination and elevate your tequila drinking experience. Remember to enjoy tequila responsibly and always drink in moderation.