At What Bac Does It Become Illegal for Minors to Drive in Pa

At What BAC Does It Become Illegal for Minors to Drive in PA?

In the state of Pennsylvania, it is illegal for individuals under the age of 21 to drive with any amount of alcohol in their system. The Zero Tolerance law, enacted in order to combat underage drinking and driving, dictates that if a driver under 21 is found to have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of just 0.02% or higher, they can be charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence).

The Zero Tolerance law is strict in order to prevent any potential accidents or harm caused by underage drinking and driving. Even a small amount of alcohol can impair a young driver’s judgment and reaction time, putting themselves and others at risk. Pennsylvania takes this issue seriously and has implemented severe penalties for those who violate this law.


1. What is the legal drinking age in Pennsylvania?
The legal drinking age in Pennsylvania is 21.

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2. What is BAC?
BAC, or blood alcohol concentration, is a measure of the alcohol content in a person’s bloodstream. It is typically expressed as a percentage.

3. Can a minor be charged with DUI if they have a BAC below 0.02%?
No, the Zero Tolerance law applies only if a minor has a BAC of 0.02% or higher.

4. What are the penalties for a minor convicted of DUI?
Penalties for underage DUI can include license suspension, fines, mandatory alcohol education programs, and even potential imprisonment.

5. Can a minor refuse a breathalyzer test?
Refusing a breathalyzer test can result in an automatic license suspension and other legal consequences.

6. Are there any exceptions to the Zero Tolerance law?
No, the Zero Tolerance law applies to all individuals under the age of 21, regardless of circumstances.

7. How accurate are breathalyzer tests?
Breathalyzer tests are generally considered to be accurate, but it is possible for them to produce false readings in certain situations.

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8. Can a minor face additional charges if they cause an accident while driving under the influence?
Yes, if a minor causes an accident while driving under the influence, they can face additional charges such as reckless driving or vehicular manslaughter.

9. Can a minor’s DUI conviction affect their future driving record?
Yes, a DUI conviction can have long-term consequences on a minor’s driving record and may result in higher insurance rates.

10. Is it ever legal for a minor to drink alcohol in Pennsylvania?
In some specific circumstances, such as for medical or religious purposes, a minor may be allowed to consume alcohol under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

11. How can underage drinking and driving be prevented?
Education about the dangers of drinking and driving, promoting responsible behavior, and encouraging alternative transportation options can help prevent underage drinking and driving incidents.

12. What should I do if I suspect someone underage is driving under the influence?
If you suspect someone underage is driving under the influence, you should contact local law enforcement immediately.

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